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Flower of Eternal Life Necklace in 925 Silver and Zircons

Flower of Eternal Life Necklace in 925 Silver and Zircons

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The Flower of Life embodies perfection, creation and its completion. Its many meanings make it a symbol of balance, harmony, rebirth and protection.

Everything around and within us was created through the Flower of Life pattern. And it is precisely through this scheme that the universe came to life. Using the Flower of Life in everyday life means surrounding yourself with its power and its continuous source of energy. The harmony, balance and protection that it can give us becomes indispensable for the hard work that the soul does every day to be able to awaken.

Flower of Life: how to use it

In addition to being a symbol of protection, the Flower of Life can be used to purify or energize water, food or any object placed on or next to it . Let's see some ways to take advantage of its power:

Flower of Life: how to use it to purify an environment

As many of you already know, the environments we frequent or live in are constantly influenced by various energy flows that are often not in tune with us and therefore create discomfort and imbalance. While some less sensitive people do not immediately perceive the energy of their whereabouts, it does not mean that they cannot be affected by it. Therefore, keeping panels, drawings, cushions and other objects depicting the Flower of Life symbol in your environment helps, together with other practices, such as fumigation and the use of crystals, to restore the correct harmony of the environment.

Flower of Life: how to use it to purify water

Water is one of the most present elements in our body and is an important vital source. Each vibration and frequency positively or negatively affects the water around us , from the one in our body to the one we drink, as Masaru Emoto demonstrated.

Masaru Emoto's experiment highlights how all vibrations and frequencies deriving from thoughts and symbols can influence the water molecules that record that information . Everything that surrounds us and that makes up our physical body is for the most part water, so you can understand how important it becomes to transmit and emit positive information to this element so that it acts on us in a healthy and purifying way! The Flower of Life is a powerful complex symbol of sacred geometry that has "codified" in itself the information of harmony. This makes it able to positively influence the water to make it harmonious, purified and energized . Here are some simple, but important steps to take:

  • Get a bottle or container of water;
  • Put yourself in a position of relaxation or meditation and convey positive information to the water through written thoughts, words or phrases. You don't need to have positive thoughts about the water itself, but loving words about yourself or something else are also fine. It works a bit like with plants !!!
  • Finally, place the bottle over the Flower of Life symbol.

This process can of course also be used for food, as it contains water.

Flower of Life: how to use it to protect yourself

As we mentioned at the beginning, this symbol can also be used for protection . In this case it should be worn with clothes, cloths or jewels that represent the Flower of Life.


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