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Autumn leaf pendant in 925 Silver and Zircons

Autumn leaf pendant in 925 Silver and Zircons

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The leaf symbolizes  growth ,  fertility  and  renewal , just think of how in spring the trees unroll their green leaves, how in summer they show themselves large and strong and how in autumn they close on themselves, drying up and then falling, a life cycle which closely resembles the stages of a human being's life, is born small and delicate, grows strong and sturdy, ages filling with wrinkles and then dies.

Throughout history, the great emperors, the great writers and the most prominent exponents of society have always worn  wreaths of leaves  to symbolize closeness to the divinity and victory, it is no coincidence that even today the undergraduates have their heads encircled by a laurel wreath. symbolize their success.

In China, the symbolism of the leaf takes a very important place in the Cosmic Tree, where each leaf of this tree represents every being in the Universe.

When someone tattoos a leaf on their body they do it because it is an ancient symbol of  happiness , but each leaf has its own particular meaning even more precise and profound, let's see them together.

Growth and rebirth

Growth and rebirth are universal symbols associated with leaves. Leaves are the means by which most plants get energy, as they absorb the sun's rays with chlorophyll.

It is this chemical that gives the leaves their kind of green color. Through this process, the connection that exists between all living things with natural energy is demonstrated.

If vibrational energy is redirected and used well, growth and rebirth can be achieved.

Cycles of death

The leaves, however, fall every year in autumn. This often symbolizes death and sadness. But in the fate of the leaves at this time of the year there is a mixed bitter-sweet flavor. While the leaves can drop, wither and die, they produce new nutrient-rich soil in this process. The leaves thus become part of a cycle in which death is no longer the end, but simply a phase of a cyclic journey. Many cultures therefore define leaves as a symbol of the soul's journey.


Ancient cultures often associated leaves with modesty and shame. Just think of the story of Adam and Eve, who covered their reproductive organs with fig leaves.

Danger, fear

The leaves, over time, have also been the symbol of hidden things, including the dangers hidden in the fauna. Before building cities and being able to cross the desert unscathed, the journey was considered very dangerous. Anything that happened in the dense forest, including just the sound of rustling leaves, could pose a threat. For this reason, for some the leaves symbolize hidden dangers.

Fertility, hope

However, the leaves are also the symbol of fertility and hope. For this reason, many traditional medicines use particular leaves in decoctions that stimulate fertility. The leaf then symbolizes, as mentioned, hope. This is mainly represented by the image of the green sprout among the ashes of the forest hit by a fire.


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