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Turtle Charm in 925 Silver and Zircons

Turtle Charm in 925 Silver and Zircons

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With a decidedly unique appearance and by now entered into the common imagination, the turtle is a reptile that can live in an aquatic or terrestrial environment. Some species of turtles even live for many years, but their ethological needs and habits must be known very well.

The turtle is a reptile, aquatic or terrestrial , belonging to the order of the Cheloni or Testudines . These animals have very ancient origins and have undergone little change in the course of evolution.

These particular reptiles are present throughout the continent, with the exception of the Antarctic lands. In these places, in fact, the climatic conditions do not allow their survival. However, tropical and subtropical regions are the habitats where biodiversity is greatest.

In addition to having entered the common imagination for their extraordinary slowness, these animals are also characterized by a remarkable longevity. The average age, however, varies greatly from species to species. The longevity record belongs to giant tortoises, which can easily exceed 100 years of life.

As pets they are only apparently easy to manage. In fact, they may require special care and a careful knowledge of their ethological needs and lifestyle habits.

Reptile turtle

The body of these particular reptiles is typically covered with a dorsal armor, a kind of protective shell called a carapace . The belly, on the other hand, is flattened and covered with bony plates. Head, tail and limbs can be retracted within the ventral plastron .

Turtles can be either aquatic , marine or freshwater, or terrestrial . While water specimens are predators, terrestrial ones are herbivores. Usually we speak of tortoises to indicate the specimens adapted to terrestrial life.


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