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Scorpio Charm in 925 Silver and Zircon

Scorpio Charm in 925 Silver and Zircon

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The scorpion is an ancient myth present in various cultures. Perhaps the most important of these is the Mesopotamian one, in which it is part of the legend of the "scorpion men". The scorpion is also part of numerous Egyptian, Greek and Papuan myths.

In Tibet, as well as in Egypt, the scorpion was a beneficial being. In Egypt it was seen as an omen and for this reason it constituted an amulet that symbolized protection and the removal of evil.

In Africa the scorpion is also seen as a sign of healing: its venom is in fact used for medicinal purposes.

On a totemic level, the scorpion is therefore associated with protection, but also with pride and boundless passion. The scorpion is capable of committing suicide with its own venom if there is no alternative to escape. This is why Scorpio people are sometimes (at worst) devoured by the same emotions that become poisonous and uncontrollable.

Scorpio is an extremely powerful sign to protect us and is capable of freeing us from many negative things, but it is also capable of showing us the passion of our life. The question is: are we ready to accept and control it?

In summary, the scorpion is a totem protector of evil, but it is also an indicator and bearer of passions. If you want your life to be full of passion, you have to carry the scorpion with you in the form of a totem and always invoke it. The scorpion is an ancient and powerful totem for achieving passion and protection against disease and against the spells of the evil eye or any other type of malice.


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