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Mermaid Cat Charm in 925 Silver

Mermaid Cat Charm in 925 Silver

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The cat, one of man's best friends

Sweet but reserved, intelligent but not obedient, autonomous but in need of care and affection, he loves the house but also being outside. Domestic but also wild. Perhaps this is why we often do not understand it, so rumors and clichés that have no scientific basis continue to turn on the little feline.

Lonely and shy in nature, the cat ( Felis catus) in the house loves company.

But even when he lives on the street in our cities, he creates colonies in which he shares

the territory with other similar ones. A behavior he has probably learned

living in contact with man.

He only becomes attached to the house and not to his master, he is opportunistic, he never hurts himself because he always falls on his feet, he does not obey so he is not intelligent and sometimes even brings bad luck. Who has never heard of cats in this way! Yet according to some estimates (made on the sale of food and accessories) in Italy there would be a population of 7 and a half million "domestic" cats, almost as many as there are dogs living in the house. Although it is very difficult to have precise data, since there is no real "registry" of cats. It is in fact a species that has been domesticating precisely in these decades - a very short period in the long times of evolution - and which maintains some characteristics of the almost wild, free animal. And despite the "massive" presence in families and courtyards, the cat is still little known and, what is worse, rumors and clichés still survive about him all wrong ...


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