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Panther Bracelet in Stainless Steel

Panther Bracelet in Stainless Steel

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The black panther is part of the Panthera genus together with the lion, the jaguar and the tiger, but among these it is certainly the lightest and the most agile.

In fact, we are talking about a very elegant and slender animal, able to climb very easily among the trees on which it usually spends a large part of its days.

The panther's eyes are very large and have a yellowish iris and round pupils, suitable for the type of night life it leads, moreover, it is able to focus on a field wider than that of man by as much as 10%.

The panther has very sharp retractable claws in horny cases that are extracted thanks to a system of elastic ligaments only when climbing trees or during hunting phases.

The dimensions of the panther are around 75-90 cm in height for a maximum weight of 100 kg, although there are places, such as Jade Island, where the black panther is much smaller.

It usually feeds on antelopes, wildebeest, baboons, cubs, monkeys, squirrels, fish, frogs, zebras and in the dry season on elephants, rhinos, hippos, buffaloes or gorillas.

The black panther is a solitary animal that needs a vast territory for hunting , from about eight to sixty square kilometers, but sometimes it even needs five times as many as in the Kalahari.

As with all felines, the black panther also marks its territories with odorous marks such as feces and urine, but also leaving scratches on tree trunks.

Very skilled in the water, a little less in running as its legs are too short and sturdy and it would hardly be able to keep up with very fast animals, for this reason its hunting technique focuses mainly on stalking.

The gestation period lasts from 90 to 105 days, usually three to six specimens can be born at a time and the young remain with the mother for a year and a half or two, and then reach sexual maturity after about three years.

The black panther is very vulnerable to other predators both because of its small size and for its solitary habits that penalize it compared to the lions that usually love to turn and act in packs.

It has always been an object of hunting for its beautiful coat, currently it is very widespread in areas extending from Africa beyond the Sahara to Southeast Asia.


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