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Vishuddha natural stone bracelet

Vishuddha natural stone bracelet

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The element that represents this chakra is light , a source of energy and a symbol of knowledge, and the energy that characterizes it is that of vision , which makes us able to know and interact with the world. The two colors associated with it are indigo and blue , associated with spirituality and intellect.

When the sixth chakra is open and balanced, concentration and intuition benefit from it, together with the ability to imagine and give life to visual concepts in our mind, an ability that reflects a profound inner harmony.
Ajna energy makes us more aware of the reality that surrounds us and allows us to know ourselves without being conditioned by momentary desires or needs. We are able to clearly perceive the "here and now" without any distortion and able to elaborate ideas, opinions, discussions and judgments with a critical and rational spirit.

On the contrary, when the Ajna chakra is blocked, on a physical level we can more easily incur vision problems, apathy, depression, chronic fatigue or insomnia and nervousness.
On the psychological level, we easily lose our memory and let ourselves be carried away by fleeting thoughts, easily distracted at the slightest stimulus. We are perpetually devoured by worries, anxieties and fears and we are convinced that we are useless: we are also seized by the obsession with measuring and controlling anything, driven by materialism and mental rigidity.
The biggest risk we run into is to stop dreaming and lose idealism, convincing ourselves to reject any idea or stimulus that is spiritual or not linked to tangible facts.

If, on the other hand, the sixth chakra works excessively, our head becomes heavy : a tireless mental activity leads us to impatience and selfishness, making us arrogant and self-centered. Our ambition prevails over everything, making the relationship with others difficult and leading us to a distorted vision of the world and of ourselves, created by illusions without sound and false beliefs.

Exercises to rebalance the sixth chakra

The exercises that have a beneficial effect on the Ajna chakra, whether it is closed or excessively active, are mainly three.

Shambhavi Mudra (Mudra of Shiva)

Keeping your eyes narrowed, look towards the tip of your nose. At the same time, focus on maintaining normal, unforced breathing. This will help you relax the area corresponding to the chakra and dissolve unnecessary thoughts.

Khechari mudra

Roll your tongue back until (ideally) the tip of the tongue touches the soft palate. Through Khechari mudra both ends, Muladhara and Ajna, come together. Khechari Mudra helps to control emotions, strengthens concentration and has a direct influence on the Kundalini .

Bhramari Pranayama

Sit in a comfortable environment with your back straight. Plug both ears with your thumbs and place your index fingers over your closed eyes. The middle fingers can rest freely on the sides of the nose; the ring finger and little finger are located above and below the lips and close the mouth.

Inhale deeply and hold your breath for a few seconds. Now press on the sides of the nose and let the breath flow slowly causing a slight hum. Repeat this exercise seven times, one after the other.

Then stay for 10-15 minutes in this pose breathing normally.
Focus on the flow of oxygen inside your body and listen to the inner sound at your forehead.


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