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925 Sterling Silver Daisy Ring

925 Sterling Silver Daisy Ring

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The daisy is a very ancient flower. It has several meanings, but has always been considered the flower of love, truth and innocence . The daisy is also a symbol of youth and in ancient times it was used by girls who used daisies to embellish their hair with a weave of flowers that formed a wreath.

According to the most ancient traditions, if a young woman accepted daisies in public, this meant that the girl agreed to take care of the secret entrusted to her. Among lovers, however, the daisy has always been a symbol of love .

Even today, in Anglo-Saxon countries it is customary to give a daisy as a gift when one confides a secret ; if the promise to keep the secret is not kept, the daisy passes into the hands of another person.

The most famous popular tradition linked to the daisy is that of "Does he love me or does he not love me?" According to this custom, the petals of the flower are pulled, one by one, proceeding from right to left until the last petal delivers the final verdict.

The story of this tradition has as its protagonist a girl, daisy, who one day decided to question this flower so that the flower would help her find a good suitor.

There are several varieties of daisy.

The daisy is a herbaceous plant, it grows in meadows in various areas of Europe and perhaps not everyone knows that it is native to Tibet . It can reach 90 cm in height and is characterized by its white petals, with a yellow pistil in the center. Some varieties, however, also have yellow, pink or red petals.

This flower blooms in spring, although depending on the climate, flowering can also occur in autumn. If you are among the lovers of these beautiful flowers, with a simple but elegant appearance and many colors, and you have decided to grow them in your outdoor space, know that you can choose between different varieties , small and large and with more or less shades. lively and captivating.

The Asteraceae family includes over 20,000 different species including all the most common daisies, from the delightful field daisies (Diploid daisies) to the largest and most showy giant daisies .


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