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Lion Ring in 925 Silver and Gold

Lion Ring in 925 Silver and Gold

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In the symbolism of the elements connected with fire, the lion represents courage, supreme power, nobility and pride.

It acts as a solar symbol , and is also dedicated to solar deities (for example, the Vedic god Mithras).

In the form of a lioness, it underlines the concept of motherhood together with sensuality; in fact, the lioness in many cultures represents the animal sacred to the mother-goddess (for example, Ishtar was depicted standing on a lion; as well as these involved the chariot of Cybele).

The lion is the image of royalty and the embodiment of the heroic debut.

In Buddhism, the lion symbolizes courage, dignity and stability.

Buddha is believed to have had the appearance of a lion in one of his incarnations.

In China, the lion has been associated with the idea of power.

Among animals, the lion often symbolizes the light side.

The characteristics of the lion can be admired in the images of mythical creatures, such as: the sphinx , the griffin and the chimera .

Images of lionesses as guards are common in Egypt, Assyria and Babylon, India.

In medieval bestiaries, the lion is endowed with the ability to sleep with open eyes, and for this reason, it is also felt as the embodiment of an attentive guard.

In heraldry, the lion represents strength , virtue and prudence .

The lion in Christianity stands out as an ambivalent figure.

The lion's roar is similar to the word of God and the devil, "like a roaring lion".

The lion, as interpreted by Jerome, symbolizes the evangelist Mark, announcing the royal dignity of Christ.

It is also the emblem of the Son of God and endowed with a penchant for contemplation, ascesis and solitude.

At the same time, the lion stands as the embodiment of the forces of evil and chaos;

Dante describes it as a symbol of pride.

In many esoteric traditions, the lion is a symbol of the sun.

In Freemasonry , the lion represents power and glory; the upper part of the Royal Arch, where the sun returns during the summer solstice.

In the mysteries of Mithras, those who successfully passed the tests were called "lions".

Isaiah's prophecy provides biblical symbolism of the lion, resting peacefully beside the sheep.

In the Christian legend , we find Daniel together with the lions in the den.

For Jung, the lion in nature is a symbol of hidden passions, it can indicate the risk of being absorbed by the unconscious.

In alchemy, the lion is the symbol of the raw, untreated material.

In combination with three other animals, it is an element of the earth.

The lion of the Earth is the enemy of the celestial eagle, teacher of nature, spokesperson for the strength and support of the masculine principle.

It is the real "red" symbol .

The winged lion is the element of fire : "Philosophical Fire".

Two lions represent constant struggle, sunlight, morning, royalty and victory.

In Greece, the lion was the emblem of the calendar.

In spring, Dionysus could take the form of a lion.

In heraldic systems, lion means prudence, firmness and fortitude.

As an emblem, the lion is a symbol of courage, strength, generosity and mercy.

"To get rid of your love, you must become a lion", thus spoke Zarathustra.

The lion is depicted in the coat of arms of the state of Sweden, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, India, Iran, Canada and Spain.

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