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Phoenix Ring in 925 Silver and Corundum

Phoenix Ring in 925 Silver and Corundum

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A powerful symbol for the human psyche is that of the Phoenix, (from the gr. Foinix = purple red ) which represents the cycle of death-rebirth and the mystery of immortality. For the alchemists it was one of the symbols of alchemical transmutation , for the early Christians it was the symbol of the resurrection of the flesh and of the figure of Jesus and in the transpersonal context it symbolizes the spiritual rebirth that occurs following the incineration of the false vision of the ego!

Anyone who chooses to undertake a path of personal evolution , as well as those who wish to fully develop their noetic potential, must accept the idea of a progressive transformation of their belief system. Personal growth always involves many deaths and rebirths, just like those experienced by the Phoenix. It is necessary to learn to question oneself (which is certainly not easy) and let go of old concepts and habits, in particular the most limiting and crystallized beliefs. A new breath of consciousness can thus emerge and a brighter and more possibilistic vision will be able to make room ... This process is cyclical, in fact, periodically, phases of crisis and questioning arise, so that the cycle of purification and renewal may be repeated and refined!

The Phoenix and its power of transmutation

In the West, the symbolism of the Phoenix was transmitted to us by Greek writers ( in particular Hesiod and Herodotus ) who referred to an amazing animal present in Egypt called Bennu (from "benu" = to shine, rise or fly), sacred to the city of Heliopolis (lit. "City of the Sun") and consecrated to Ra (God of the Sun). In some ancient traditions it is considered consecrated to Osiris.

Because it was thought to live in an oasis in the Arabian desert, it has also been called the "Phoenix Arab". His song was so melodious that the God of the Sun stopped his boat to listen to it; only one specimen could exist and since it regenerated itself it was also considered a symbol of androgyny. Initially represented in Egypt as a heron , the Phoenix then took on the image of an eagle in the Greek-Latin culture; its color is red-purple and golden.

In many cultures there is a mythological animal analogous to the Phoenix; it is in fact present in Chinese myths (Feng-Huang: "Male-Female" / Tan Niao: "Cinnabar Bird"), Indo-Buddhist (Garuda), Japanese (Ho-oo / Karura), Korean (Bonghwang), Persian ( Simurgh), Hebrews (Milcham / Hol / Ziz), Amerindians (Yel / Wakonda), Sumerians, Assyrians, Inca, Aztecs and even Russians (Bird of Fire).


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