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Cocorite Ring in 925 Silver and Zircon

Cocorite Ring in 925 Silver and Zircon

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It may be because it is cheap and because it has something exotic about it, but more and more the Budgie, also called Cocorita, shares the life of many people. It is a beautiful, intelligent and alert animal, which communicates with the world in two main ways: the verbal one, by means of a somewhat clumsy chatter and a body language, ignored by most of the owners. The song of the parakeet is not as graceful and melodious as that produced by male canaries, but, if listened carefully, it will be surprising to notice that it changes according to mood and state of excitement.

When he is relaxed, at peace with the world or about to take a nap, he emits a soft and soft buzz, while when he is lively he continuously modulates the intensity of his shouting, which can become high and acute, if a situation arises that bothers him. or it scares him. Therefore, in every moment of the day the cocorita confides in us her state of mind and it is the responsibility of each owner to understand it, to make his daily life better. It is important to remember that a cocorita that is chatting is healthy, while if it does not make its unmistakable chattering sound, it means that it is not well. Then there is a body language that is interesting and multifaceted and that helps even more to understand what goes on in the head of these birds.

Among the most common behaviors we cannot fail to recognize the "scratching the head" and the "inflating the plumage. The first is a gesture that not only serves to relieve itching, but is also the typical message of an animal that is annoyed and even a little restless, because it is too observed. So, even if it's not easy at first, get out of the habit of standing a few inches from the cage to watch your guests, but do it, keeping your distance.

Inflating the plumage, on the other hand, describes a whole world, which must be discovered and understood: it is a posture generally used before falling asleep and therefore represents a condition of extreme relaxation, but at the same time inflating the feathers is useful to appear larger and therefore strategic during a quarrel with some rivals; if then the parakeet opens its beak and spreads its wings, then it is saying that it has really lost patience. On the contrary, if she tends to keep her plumage very close to her body and looks thinner than usual, she is very afraid of something. Finally, if the parakeet is in a corner of the cage with its plumage enlarged, it is a sign of indisposition, which must immediately alarm us.

The cocorita, like all friends with a tail, indisputably feels emotions and constantly expresses them in a precise manner. The ability to understand them is up to those who have chosen to buy it and bring it home.


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